Liberty Intel

Long gone are the days where leftist media outlets are allowed to control the daily narrative unchecked. Information warfare has been waged and the conservative movement is ready for the fight. Our flagship media hub,, is just over a year old and we’re already seeing tremendous growth on all fronts. As a result of this, and at the request of our readers, we’re stepping up our game with a more in depth, investigative style insider report.

Welcome to!

The Liberty News Network and Grassfire Nation (parent entity) are very pleased to announce, an exclusive (members only) movement/political insider report. Liberty Intel is a part of the upcoming “Grassfire Select” program and promises to stand as one of the leading “insider scoop” reports available today.

Liberty Intel will provide a constant flow of investigative reports related to the following topics:

  • Conservative Movement
  • Legislative Watch
  • SCOTUS Watch
  • Elections & Campaigns
  • Big Government (Local, State & Federal)

Each report will be presented in easy-to-digest format. Reports will be made available via password protected web posts, timely delivered email newsletters and specially recorded audio podcasts.

Membership/Subscription Information

Liberty Intel subscription information will become available on October 1st, 2012. In the meantime we will occasionally release early reports and passwords will be made available to email subscribers of the Liberty News Report.


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