Pushed Over The Edge Of The Cliff

Pushed Over The Edge Of The Cliff

Those curious as to whether or not the GOP gained anything by submitting to the desires of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama should simply digest the words of conservative columnists Charles Krauthammer.  “Look, there are a lot of conservatives in the Republican caucus in the House who hate the bill for good reason. This is a complete surrender on everything,” Krauthammer said to Politico. Indeed, Boehner and many Republicans completely surrendered.

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Does Obama REALLY Want To Avoid The Fiscal Cliff? (UPDATED WITH PODCAST VIDEO)

Does Obama REALLY Want To Avoid The Fiscal Cliff? (UPDATED WITH PODCAST VIDEO)

From WikiPedia: Pipe Dream

“Pipe dream” is also used as a term to describe a vain but fervent hope for an impossible or unlikely situation.

Pipe dream accurately describes Obama’s “plan” to fix our nation’s debt/spending problem. And unfortunately… Obama is likely to get his way.


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In my opinion we’re all being played on this “fiscal cliff” nonsense. To the right we have folks up in arms demanding the GOP stand firm and keep tax hikes as limited as possible in their plan to avoid Obama’s fiscal cliff. To the left we have Obama and his ilk making completely unrealistic demands in a proposed package that Republicans will never accept as it is written. There is a cold, hard truth in all of this that we conservatives need to accept. The outcome of this will be ugly for us no matter how we slice it.

Truth is, Obama is going to get his way regardless of which path it takes. Either Republicans betray their principles and their party platform (as well as their pledge to those who voted for them in many cases), and give Obama what he demands, or we go off Obama’s fiscal cliff and see broad tax hikes across the board. Obama will likely be pleased either way. Here is why.

1) The Fiscal Cliff

If Republicans refuse to go along with Obama’s ridiculous proposal, and I believe they will (refuse), we’ll see tax hikes across the board and massive cuts to defense spending. The taxes will hit all of us, especially small businesses and small business employers. Then, Obama will ride in to save the “lower class” with magical tax cuts and he’ll take credit for it all. Additionally, he’ll attach more spending and an increase in the debt ceiling… or better yet… infinite ability to borrow. Republicans will be forced to go along with it, because it will be the only source of tax relief for lower wage earners. Tax hikes will stay in place for everyone else, including small businesses and small business employers.

2) The Obama Package

If Republicans cave on taxes to avoid the fiscal cliff, they not only let Obama have his pipe dream “solutions” that will do far more harm than good, they will also have effectively destroyed any ounce of faith remaining for them within their own base. Essentially, this option is the cherry on top for Obama. He gets what he wants, and he weakens the base of his opponents in Washington.

So what do we as a movement do? As horrific as it sounds, we don’t have leverage in this fight. At this point we have to DEMAND that Republicans stick with their principles and stand with their base. Some in the “consultant class” will scream bloody murder over this and claim the election presented a mandate. This is simply not true. 52% is not a mandate, especially when millions and millions of previous Bush/McCain voters simply sat out the election. If Republicans betray their principles, then we are in a really, really bad spot moving forward. Second, we as a movement need to begin crafting REAL solutions… a REAL plan that has teeth, is serious and can be properly sold to the American people.

Principles and solutions. We’re in the wilderness right now. It is our job, no… our duty to continue to build (we’re the only hope for our free market system), stand for what we believe in and create a vastly different set of ideas for the 2014, 2016 elections and beyond.

No more “middle ground” candidates. No more “business as usual” plans and proposals. Obama and his thugs got a battle here, but this is a war, and we’ve had our victories as well.

CLOSING INFO: What is Obama proposing in his “effort” to save us from his fiscal cliff? This.

  • $1.6 trillion in new taxes
  • $50 billion in new stimulus
  • Limitless debt ceiling
  • Absolutely no spending cuts



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