Why the VA Governor’s Race Should Matter to You

It’s very tempting to ignore any state’s governor’s race if it’s an election in which you can’t vote, and where the issues being debated don’t directly affect your life in any immediately noticeable way.

Break the mold today.  Take a few minutes to learn why you should care about who goes home a winner and who gets sent home a loser in Virginia’s gubernatorial contest this November.

Virginia and South Carolina are two governor’s races Conservatives can actually win this Fall, so Liberty will be keeping an eye on those races and periodically giving you the inside scoop on these elections from now until November.


VA is an important political symbol.  The Commonwealth of VA was settled as the first permanent English settlement in the New World.  The state went on to give America eight presidents – including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

VA is home to no fewer than two dozen major military installations, including The Pentagon, Earth’s largest naval base – Naval Station Norfolk, and Air Combat Command HQ – Langley Air Force Base.

VA also holds 13 electoral votes, which until recently, traditionally were earned by Conservative presidential candidates.  Barack Hussein Obama changed VA’s electoral history seemingly overnight in 2008 and again in 2012.

Obama won VA by 150,000 votes, claiming all 13 electoral votes and transforming the once powerful Conservative Stronghold into a swing state. 

In-fact, Obama’s VA victories alarmed so many Conservatives in VA that State Senator Charles “Bill” Carrico sponsored SB 723 which, had it not failed in Jan. 2013, would have reapportioned VA’s electoral votes from “winner take all” to regional apportionment.

Had the bill been introduced and become law before Obama’s 2012 victory, The President would have only taken 4 electoral votes from VA and Mitt Romney would have taken 9, reports The Virginian Pilot.

In short, the winner of November’s VA gubernatorial election gets to help shape the economic future of a swing state with a huge military population that can determine who becomes President 2016.


Ken Cuccinelli is VA’s current Attorney General.  He’s also a strong Roman Catholic Conservative.

Ken is facing a strong challenge from the fundraising genius behind Hillary Clinton’s rise to successful Liberal political stardomTerry McAuliffe.

Later updates will give you more information on both men and their quest to occupy VA’s historic governor’s mansion.  However, today’s initial report should give you enough information to get you interested in the hottest governor’s race in the country.


Ken is a Compassionate Conservative Roman Catholic who has served in VA’s legislative branch as a state senator.   He held office in the judiciary as the VA attorney general.  Now, he wants to complete the trifecta becoming the state’s chief executive.

Democrat attack ads portray Ken as a hardline Conservative whose 100 per cent pro-life voting and advocacy record comes from a place of hate rather than genuine religious conviction and honest difference of opinion with Liberals.

The facts, however, show you the real Ken.

Ken helped start the University of VA ‘s Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE) Program to help victims of sexual assault on campus after he heard a woman get brutally attacked one evening when he was a student at the Charlottesville school, reports The Washington Post.

Here’s a campaign ad that shows you the real heart of this Conservative titan.

Ken is 100 per cent pro-life.  He supports traditional marriage, low taxes, a strong national defense, and strict constructionist approach To the U.S. Constitution.

The Attorney General opposes Obamacare and has promised to help Virginians resist Obama’s overreaching healthcare mandates as long as possible.


Terry has been a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He supports abortion on demand, a weak national defense, 100 per cent loyalty to the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, and shipping American jobs to China.

Since the U.S Supreme Court decided that gay marriage is a state issue in Hollingsworth vs. Perry, VA Conservatives will need a governor who can veto any effort to legalize same-sex marriage.

Terry has promised to do the exact opposite – if elected, Terry will push VA toward legalizing homosexual marriages that will then, in-turn, be recognized by the federal government as lawful, moral, and binding.

Everything you really need to know about Terry McAuliffe’s economic policy can be found by watching this 30 minute video from Citizens United.

The next installment of Liberty Intel will, in-part, flush out the contents of this video in terms Terry’s untrustworthiness and lack of character.

Terry McAuliffe promised to open two businesses in VA and hire thousands of people to help them provide for their family.  He not only failed to accomplish any of his economic goals, but proceeded to lie about his success to anyone who could hear him talk.

Author: Joe Calandra Jr.

Joe is a Global War on Terrorism veteran of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Regent University's College of Arts and Sciences and a M.A. in American Government from The Robertson School of Government. He is a former National Journalism Center Intern with Human Events. He is the Political and Public Policy Analyst for Liberty News and a staff writer for "Liberty Intel," an exclusive subscription based report published by LibertyNEWS.com.

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